• Continue to clear away any leaves on the beds.

  • Hardwood cuttings can be taken now, they are most successful if done this side of Christmas when the sap is still in the wood. Plants suitable for this include Cornus, Willow, Philadelphus and Roses. Very easy to do, simply cut a 15-30 cm length of this year’s growth. Make a sloping cut at the top and cut straight across at the bottom. Sink two thirds of it into a pot or soil in the borders. Wait one year until next autumn when you can replant into its permanent position. Just remember which way is up.

  • Keep an eye on the weather forecast if a prolonged periods of frost or snow are forecast protect any tender plants such as Cordyline, Phormium (tie these up to make it easier) Palms and Olive’s with a wrap of fleece. Once temperatures rise above freezing for any length of time remove it so air can circulate.

  • Continue any winter pruning of Vines, Birches and Acers which are most prone to “bleeding”.

  • Planting of hardy plants can still take place if required as long as you can get a fork in the ground.

  • Continue digging over you borders to prepare for spring.

  • Currant bushes, autumn-fruiting Raspberries, Apples and Pears can all be pruned now or in January. As mentioned in November leave any members of the stone fruits i.e. Plum, Peaches and Cherries, they are susceptible to Silver leave disease if pruned in the winter months.   

  • Continue to mow and keep clear of leaves if needed, it does depend on how mild the winter is.   

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