The days are getting longer and hopefully temperatures are on the rise.

  • You can start sowing hardy annuals into seed trays or plugs now.
  • It’s a great time to plant perennials as they start to come back into stock, particularly our

1 Litre plants which will settle in quickly and put on a lot of growth in time for the flowering season.

  • Plant your summer flowering bulbs, such as Lilies, Gladiolus and Crocosmia. If you are on a heavier soil add a sprinkle of grit into the hole under each bulb to aid drainage.

    If your borders have become over crowded this is a great time to lift and divide plants that have become a little too big for their boots, perennials such as Aster, Alchemilla Mollis, Delphinium, Geranium and Hemerocallis are examples of just a few of the plants which benefit from being divided every few years so they can remain productive and healthy.
  • Weeds will start to grow on apace now, stop them in their tracks while they are still small and easy to deal with, getting them out now means they won’t have a chance to seed saving yourself more work in the future “one year’s seed, seven years weed!”

  • Cut back Cornus varieties at the beginning of the month to encourage fresh colourful stems for the following winter. Cut back hard to a low frame work but exercise caution for the first couple of years on varieties such as Mid-winter fire allow these to grow on and mature a bit before you start to cut back harder on an annual basis.

  • Other plants which benefit from a hard prune now include Eucalyptus, Buddleja, and Salix (willow)

  • Late in the month you can prune back Ceanothus, it flowers best on wood produced from spring onwards.

  • Prune the winter flowering jasmine and the Shrubby Honeysuckle, Lonicera “winter beauty” this will stop it getting too big and woody.

  • You Can give Trees Shrubs and Roses their first feed of the year now, choose a slow release pelleted feed such as Vitax Q4 or David Austin rose food, tickle them into the soil around your plants and water in, they will deliver a balanced feed over a couple of months taking care of the roots, shoots and flower production.   

  • Turf can be laid virtually year round but now you can start to think about sowing grass seed. Prepare the area to be seeded now in readiness for sowing at the end of the month or April.

  • Many lawns are affected by a build-up of Moss it occurs in areas that have a degree of shade or those which suffer from poor drainage. If you are plagued by Moss in your lawn you can start to tackle it now by raking out as much as you can with a sharp steel tined rake.
    Once you have done this it is worth aerating/spiking the lawn, use a nice sharp, steel fork or if you have a large area to do it is possible to hire a tool to do the job, brush in some lawn soil to keep these channels open and improve the drainage so helping to prevent the further build of Moss.
    If you are left with bare patches scatter on some lawn soil firm down and over sow with grass seed, water daily unless we have had rain.

  • Dips and unevenness in the lawn can also be addressed now, fill with Lawn soil (it can be put over the existing grass no need to take it off) Firm down and sow as before.

  • Give your lawn a boost with a high nitrogen spring feed, Nitrogen encourages strong leafy growth which will outcompete the development of weeds. We have a good choice of feeds in stock and our staff in the main building will be happy to answer any queries you have.

  • Fertilizers are best applied when the weather is mild and damp or when rain is expected, if not then water the lawn following application.

  • Continue planting Onion sets, Shallots and Garlic bulbs.

  • We have a number of varieties of Potato in stock now

  • You can start Chitting your Potatoes in preparation for the start of planting at the end of this month.

  • First earlies can go in at the end of March and will be ready to harvest in June.
    Second earlies are planted in mid to late April to harvest in late June and into July Main crop go in from the middle to late April for harvesting from July and into October.

  • We have a number of varieties of Potato to choose from now.

  • Asparagus can be planted this month.

  • You can start sowing under glass, Beetroot, Broad beans, Peas and Parsnips are just some of the seeds you can start into action this month.

  • Fruit trees can be given a boost now, add a nice thick collar of soil conditioner, homemade compost or well-rotted manure around the base ensuring it does not come right up to the trunk. Or add a sprinkling of a broad based slow release fertilizer such as Vitax Q4.

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