• Check on any stored tubers of Dahlia, Begonia and Canna for rotting, remove any affected before it spreads.

  • Weed removal can be done if the winter has been mild and they are showing their ugly faces. A good warm up on a sunny winters day can be digging out nasty perennial weeds such as Ground Elder and Dandelion’s, it is easier to see what’s what at this time of the year, if you find it tangled up in a plant, if its manageable you can lift it and disentangle it, rinse the soil of if needs be so you can see where the roots are. Replant firmly.

  • Continue to plant bare root Roses.

  • Continue any winter pruning (see November/December)

  • Now is a good time to plant Garlic bulbs. You can also select your Onion and Shallot varieties in store from mid-January for planting over the next couple of months

  • Potato varieties will be available to buy from the middle of January 

  • Lifting and dividing mature Rhubarb clumps now will keep them healthy and productive. Best done every 5-6 years, lift and split into three or four sections making sure each has a large bud or “eye”. Use a sharp spade for this job.

  • Continue to mow if needed

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