Children's Events

2013 will mark the third year of running our children's club. We have around 1400 members now so we have made some changes to make it even better. Events will continue to be free.* There will be even more events than before. With feedback from the members we have also introduced events with specific age ranges to further improve our events.
Half term events will start with a talk and follow on with activities to get stuck in to. Children aged 5-12 years will be best suited to these events. As always booking will be required to ensure a place.
The Little Seedlings will replicate the themes of our half term events. They will start off with story time and also have more suitable activities for children aged 2-5 years. These events will also need to be booked to ensure your place.
We will also be having various visitors and activites held at weekends for all the family to enjoy. Watch this space as last years events were very popular! These events will be suitable for all ages and open to all so no booking necessary!
We have had some real fun and great feedback from the members. In 2013 there will be some old favourites such as miniature gardens as well as some new themes too. Have a look at our events list and get in touch if you'd like to reserve a place.

If you have an enquiry or would like any more information about the events please get in contact via the details below.

Booking is simple,
Telephone 01223 842777

We will need your children's names, ages and membership numbers as well as details of which event and time you would like to attend.
There are now Booking Request forms at the Main Information Desk too.

* Mothers Day baskets £5 per basket

More events coming soon.