Children's Events

2013 will mark the third year of running our children's club. We have around 1400 members now so we have made some changes to make it even better. Events will continue to be free.* There will be even more events than before. With feedback from the members we have also introduced events with specific age ranges to further improve our events.
Half term events will start with a talk and follow on with activities to get stuck in to. Children aged 5-12 years will be best suited to these events. As always booking will be required to ensure a place.
The Little Seedlings will replicate the themes of our half term events. They will start off with story time and also have more suitable activities for children aged 2-5 years. These events will also need to be booked to ensure your place.
We will also be having various visitors and activites held at weekends for all the family to enjoy. Watch this space as last years events were very popular! These events will be suitable for all ages and open to all so no booking necessary!
We have had some real fun and great feedback from the members. In 2013 there will be some old favourites such as miniature gardens as well as some new themes too. Have a look at our events list and get in touch if you'd like to reserve a place.

If you have an enquiry or would like any more information about the events please get in contact via the details below.

Booking is simple,
Telephone 01223 842777

We will need your children's names, ages and membership numbers as well as details of which event and time you would like to attend.
There are now Booking Request forms at the Main Information Desk too.

* Mothers Day baskets £5 per basket

Children's Events

Planting Containers for Autumn Colour

Get the best from your bulbs to add another facet to your garden throughout the year. Top tips to ensure colour, vigour and a happy garden with handy advice for which bulbs work well together with which plants

Booking required or 01223 842777

Cambridge Cambridge

Ty Waddles Character Live at Scotsdales Cambridge

Scotsdales Cambridge will have some larger than life characters in store for the kiddies to come along and say hello.

Waddles is our friendly character for today, Coconut the monkey will be visiting us next week


Waddles looks forward to seeing you

Cambridge Cambridge

Rabbit and Guinea Pig Awareness Day with Wood Green Animal Shelter

Top tips to keep your pet rabbits and guinea pigs happy and content as well as offering free health checks.

Wood Green will be at Scotsdales Cambridge between 11am and 3pm. Pet health checks need to be booked and will run between 11am and 2pm. Please call Wood Green to book or ask for further details 0844 248 8181 or email

Horningsea Horningsea

Kimbolton Fireworks

In our opinion Kimbolton Fireworks are simply the best. We will have not only a wide range of fireworks to choose from but also knowledgeable staff to help along the way. Available until November 10th

(We also then have fireworks back in stock between December 27th - 31st in readiness for New Years Eve)

Cambridge Cambridge

Wood Green Dog Behaviour and Training advice

Do you need help with your dogs’ behaviour but don’t know where to turn? No matter how big or small the question, now is your chance to ‘Ask the Expert’! With 25 years’ experience of working with dogs, Wendy is here to share her knowledge and give you the support and advice to help you and your dog.

Please note, for the behaviour consultation dogs will not be required to attend. Just £5 per appointment.

Booking is essential so please call 0844 248 8181 and ask for the Community Outreach Team, email or ask our pet department for more information.

Cambridge Cambridge

Ty Character Coconut Live at Scotsdales

Scotsdales Cambridge will have some larger than life characters in store for the kiddies to come along and say hello.

Coconut is our friendly character for today.


Coconut looks forward to seeing you

Cambridge Cambridge

Autumn Lawn Care with Peter Jackson

Practical advice and top tips to ensure you are well on the way to a lush, green lawn. A little work now can work in your favour in readiness for spring next year

Cambridge Cambridge

Book online for Father Christmas at Scosdales Cambridge

Have a look on our homepage for a quick and easy way to book your place to come and visit Father Christmas without the queues!

Parking is hassle free with the added opportunity of visiting our Cafe with some great Christmas specials

Booking online is required to gain access to this experience


Cambridge Cambridge

Little Seedlings - Munch and a Crunch

Little Seedlings events not only offer fantastic stories and rhymes but activities designed for small hands to tackle themselves. There are certain aspects of activities that kids love ... paint, water, and glorious mud! which will we choose for today?! Please wear older clothes just in case! 

Cambridge Cambridge

Halloween at Cambridge

The Queen of Stories delights in telling the remarkable old stories of the oral tradition - those passed on by word of mouth. These tales not only entertain, but help children manage their real world through imaginary experience of Good and Evil in play. All these tales have the perfect, happy ever after ... but only for those who tread the path of kindness and courage, of course

Tales to start, suitable for 5 years and older, with an appropriately spooky Cafe special for the children to follow.

Fancy dress is optional but adds to the fun.

Entry is £5 per child payable at time of booking.

Please call 01223 842777 for further information. For younger children we advise having a look at the Hornngsea Halloween event which is suitable for all ages.

Cambridge Cambridge