Maidenhead Aquatics

Wow! That’s the usual response when people see the range of fish and supplies from Maidenhead Aquatics fish shop. You’ll find many and varying tropical species including those from the African Rift Valley. They specialise in planted and soft water Aquariums with dedicated tanks for many Discus species. If there’s something a customer specifically requires, Maidenhead Aquatics will source it without delay.

Please phone for availability - our direct telephone number is 01223 843400 Click here to visit Maidenhead Aquatics' website. Type of Fish Sold: Tropical Cold water Koi* Discus Store's Approx footage: Indoor: 3,000 sqft Outdoor: 1,000 sqft Number of Tanks Approx: Tropical: 108 Fancy Goldfish: 24 Marines (Fish and Inverts): Volume of Pond Systems: Pond fish: 12,285 litres (2,700 gallons) Koi: N/A litres (N/A gallons) Store Specialities: Soft water Species including 20 dedicated Discus tanks, Good tropical plant selection. Not sure what you need? Friendly, professional advice is always on hand from our staff – just ask. 

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